Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Splat Hair Color-

So i recently used the SPLAT hair color in LUSCIOUS RASPBERRIES. and even though i LOVE the color i hated the way the bleach/peroxide was on my hair. i have thich hair so i always buy two boxes when ever i do my hair any color. the bleach/peroxide mixture didnt even work on like 4 big chunks of hair which i find odd seein how it was all done at the same time and left on for the same amount.. so if i ever use that brand again. which im sure i will i will prob go back to the bleach i use from Sally's just because i have been using it for over 11 years and i trust it adn know exactly what iamgettin with it... Next color might be the pink.. But yea the bleach sucked.. and it seemed like it took forever to rinse it out of my hair. Maybe its just me but i dunno .Again Loved the color.. Hated the bleach/peroxide mix

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