Friday, May 20, 2011

Lotions,Moisturizers, and body butters and creams!!!

So I love lotions and anything that will make my skin smooth and soft.. So this is about the types that I use and my ramblings about them.. Keep inmind this is my 2nd blog EVER so im still kinda new...

 1st there is Johnson and Johnsons Baby lotion.. I have Original, Honey Apple,Vanilla Oatmeal and the Lavender and Chamomile bedtime cream.. LOVE THEM. the scents are great and the bedtime cream really does work with fussy babys esp if used after a nice warm bath.its even been know to make me drowsy.. I love that none of them seem to be to oily or leave a eewwie residue..

2nd theres Moist Hemp Body Moisturizers..... OMG... LOVE IT.. esp in Cherry Blossom.. i think this is by far the best moisterizer EVER.. its great it leaves my hands and arms feelin so smooth and the scent is to die for.. I havent tried the other scents but i got this one its pretty good sized 18 fl. oz with a pump at Sally's Beauty Supply for like $5.99 -$7.99.. seems like a lot right but a little bit here and there does the trick.. I even got the trial purse size for like 2bucks its great.. ..I d buy it if u really want something thats good .

3rd is ook i mostly do my shoppin at like dollar stores for little stuff like lotions and stuff so some of theres is ok but some of them just blahh.. lol.. I did get some body butter from the dollar tree one time and it was pretty good it was smooth and works good on like elbos and ankles  like keepin in the moisture so they dont dry out as much..

I know its not some glam blog but im tryin it will get better but seriously Im mainly gonna blog about stuff like this and make up and give my reveiws and maybe post some of my looks up here to get out there hopefully ppl from where i live will like what the see or hear and will want to book me . imnot pro ..yet but i am an asspiring makeup artist and it does take a lot of work to get ppl first to even acknowlegde the trade and then take us serious so please dont think its all dry lotion hauls im just tryin to get my feeling for it ..

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